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Jeremy Cornwell

About me

Hello! My name is Jeremy Cornwell. If you haven’t noticed already, I am a photographer and designer. Creating is a passion of mine. A photograph is a moment in time, frozen. It should be a presentation of the emotions felt. My aim is to capture this moment as authentically as possible. Doing so creates beautifully realistic photographs.

I spend most of my time photographing people. I enjoy being a part of weddings creating photographs that can serve as a visual remembrance of the day. Photographing children and families is also a treat. Children have an innate way of making us smile, whether it is something they do or something they say. These moments are “priceless” and worth the effort of photographing.

I am easy to work with and I always look forward to working with new faces. I currently reside in Marietta, Ohio but I enjoy traveling to make images. If you give me the opportunity, I will work hard to provide you with something that you will like and I will be proud of. Please contact me with any questions.