Increase Blog Writing Skills

I was reading an article about writing on and found myself asking how I can apply this to blogging in the creative field. I came up with some ideas specific for creatives. This list is not the one and only way write but more of a general guide.

1. Write truthfully and Tell A Story

The first thing when writing is to always be honest. If you write with sincerity the reader will notice and be more interested. Reader’s like it when they can relate or at least understand where you’re coming from. While you’re being honest tell an engaging story. Relating to your reader cannot be more emphasized and a story is a great starting place.

2. Do not be offended

Not everyone is going to like what you have to say. We all have our own opinions and are entitled to them. The truth is some people in the world are mean. Whatever their intentions we have to learn to take comments and honest criticism with a grain of salt. You’re feelings might be hurt but you can’t let that control you. Learn from the criticism. Look at it as a different type of inspiration board.

3. Consider basic marketing skills

When writing for a blog some marketing skills are required. For example, you need to know your target audience and write about topics that interest them (while still being truthful to yourself). Basic knowledge of SEO is also beneficial. Understad how a search engine will find your blog based on your keywords and titles.

4. Always write within the scope of of the blog’s purpose

When writing a post make sure it relates to your original intention of the blog. If you’re a designer writing about all things related to design you wouldn’t be writing a blog post about excellent restaurants in the area (unless you’re referring to design work for the restaurants). Same goes for a mother who has a blog about raising girls. She’s not going to write a product review about the newest dell laptop (again unless it directly relates to the blog’s original intention in some way). Your readers are there because they have interest in the main topic of your blog.

5. Be Consistent

Consistently write. Not only is it good for your SEO rating but thats the essence of blogging, writing. How consistent or the schedule you want to set up is up to you. If it’s a supplemental part of your business plan you might write once every other week. On the other end you could be writing once every other day. I think a good starting point is at least once a week. Even better would be on the same day of the week, every week. A consistency your readers will appreciate.

In the end there is no one path to maintaining a successful blog. Find what works for yourself and own it. On your path you might find some strategies work for you while others don’t. Keep at it and you’ll reach your goal.


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