Get Out of a Creative Rut

Sometimes it feels like the proverbial well has dried up and you are out of inspiration or motivation. It’s not the end of the world. With a little TLC you can be off to the races again. Everyone is different so some things may not be possible for you or will fall outside of your comfort zone. If you give it a try though, you might end up learning something new about yourself and I implore you to be open minded.

Marietta Mural

1. Write

Writing has both physical and psychological benefits. A large reason why writing can be beneficial is the fact that it helps reduce stress. Doing something that reduces stress and is an outlet for creativity sounds good to me. Journalling isn’t just for teenage girls. Writing down thoughts and feelings can help you hone in on whats important to you. You will learn who you are and what your goals are. From there you can prioritize and lay out the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

If journaling isn’t your cup of tea, other forms of writing are just as beneficial. If you’d rather write a fiction novel or memoir, go for it. Here’s a piece I came across recently on Pyschology Today. Writing is not a new fad, it’s been around for awhile.

2. Contribute to local University/Business

Consider contacting a local university or business and ask if there are any community projects that you can help with. With a university or college you can even contact the journalism or art departments (or whatever creative field interests you) and specifically ask if you can help. Even if nothing is available or they’re not interested currently, your name is now out there if they do start something.

3. Daytrip

Take a daytrip or weekend trip to someplace you’ve wanted to visit but not allowed yourself the time. Vacations are always useful for getting away and recharging your battery so why not take a mini-vacation. Just plan ahead for a day or weekend within the next month and don’t put it off anymore.

4. Disconnect

Instead of checking your email, twitter and facebook constantly. DO NOT allow yourself the chance to for a weekend. Stay inside or take a trip but do either without social media and email. Better yet avoid all technology you use in your daily life. If you find yourself constantly thinking about what you’re missing maybe there is a deeper issue. Escaping from the bombardment of information might confuse your brain initially because it’s use to it but you’ll find yourself thinking about topics differently or you will think of new ideas in the end

5. Exercise

Get those good endorphins flowing. Not only is it a stress reducer but it’s a boost to your mood. A good foundation psychologically for any creative endeavor. Plus, when you feel confident others will notice. The same also goes for when you are not confident with yourself. It’s no surprise companies are attempting to incorporate exercise and moving more into the workplace.

6. Read

Read whatever makes you happy. In a busy world slowing down and reading recreationally seems impossible but it’s worth it. Even better is reading (a book; light from a tablet will keep you awake longer) before going to sleep. It is the best way to relax and unwind to fall asleep quickly. For me, reading helps brainstorm new ideas, have more vivid dreams, have epiphanies and reduce stress.  I am currently reading Pirate Latitude by Michael Crichton. I enjoy pirate stories


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