Why Not Now

The other day I sent a text message that I didn’t think anything of at first. It wasn’t until afterwards when I read what I sent when I realized how serious the question was. “Why not now?” My original intention was in no way meant to be epiphanous. I merely wanted to know why she wasn’t doing what she wanted to do.

A few days later I overheard someone else posing the same question. With the first instance fresh We are surrounded with reasons and excuses to procrastinate in all aspects of our lives. Honestly, it is more prevalent than I originally thought. I thought that I was one of a minority that was made excuses to put off tasks and projects.

Everyone struggles with putting things off till later. It could be something you don’t want to do but are required to. Does putting something you want to do off because you feel guilty about taking time for yourself sound familiar. Does a fear of failure stop you from ever starting. There are infinite amount of obstacles to prevent you from doing something, both internal and external. There are also infinite reasons why you should work on that project, talk to that friend, go to the gym, spend more time with the family, etc.

I suggest taking a moment to wake up and re-align your actions with the goals you want to complete. We are all capable of succeeding in all aspects of life as long as we focus on the goal and take steps to move towards it.

On another note here’s a sample of a technique I am testing. More information to come later.

Abandoned Building


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