Using Alleys

Senior in Lot

I’m a big proponent of shunning drab studio backgrounds for senior pictures.  Seniors should get a more unique look than a simple colored muslin backdrop. We are only a high school senior once.  Unless I am planning lighting that requires a solid background I prefer to avoid backdrops. I do like backdrops, though. To me they serve a different purpose than saving a photographer time and plopping person after person in front of one with the same lighting.

To me a good background for a senior image should be a unique location.  With that, I also believe a unique framing can give an ordinary location more oomph. For example I love hearing someone ask where an image was taken only to hear it was a location they knew but didn’t recognize. Simply combining a unique location with a character, in our case a senior, allows an image to be made that has impact.

Senior in an Alley

 These images were taken in an alley.  I grabbed one light with some modifiers and we simply walked down the alley utilizing the different backdrops provided.  I had scoped out most of the shots ahead of time but some of them we stumbled upon.

Senior Against Wall

Senior Near Window


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