Photographing Close to Home

Quick tips on photographing close to home.

1. Travel to locations you don’t visit often. There are parts, if not square miles, of spots waiting to be discovered in our “backyard.” It’s easy to fixate on photographing destinations you have not yet been to. Unless you live in a town with one or two main intersections, I’m confident there are roads you have not driven on yet.

2. Driver slower(ish). When I drive outside of town, the speed limits are 45-55mph and it’s harder to spot something. When possible I’ll slow down while I’m scanning my surroundings. I’ll pull over to let people pass and take notes about possible locations to return to with different light. You might find an interesting subject but the light is horrible. Take a note to return when the weather or time of day is more to your liking.

3. Look to get off the ground. Sometimes all it takes is a unique angle to make something ordinary look interesting. Shooting through an open window in a public building, asking for access to a roof, stairs, bridges and even getting down on the ground are some ideas to start.

4. Be fearless.

5. Ask for Permission. As fearless as you want to be, it will still be wise to ask for permission if you’re going to be traversing private property.


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