Learning From Your Mistakes

The year is two-thirds done and I began thinking about what I’ve learned this year. Honestly, I can not tell you where the train of thought originated but it had me reflecting on this past year. Reflection is a constant trap I fall into sometimes. I borderline over think my own growth as a person and who I still want to become far too much and it distracts me from actually working. That was a deviation and here’s what I was thinking.

I think this past year I have had to learn how to respond when I am wrong. This entails graciously admitting and then learning from the mistake. I know it might sound like I come across as immature. I’m focusing more on being okay emotionally when I’m wrong. I notice in myself and in others that when we’re wrong we become more stubborn. It’s not necessarily being stubborn to the extreme of repeating a proven, invalid argument but at the next point of conflict we will snap quicker, defensively.

I do take pride in being very¬†knowledgeable¬†about various topics but I am wrong about things like every other person. Growing up I’d love to debate and to this day I still can find a single loose thread in an argument and unravel it. Most of the time it’s a stupid endeavour gaining nothing but at least I could win the argument. This year has been a little different though. I have been forced to grow more rapidly in this area between work and home.

Marietta Mural

I am now more happy with myself understanding that always being right or having something to say isn’t necessary. Everything I say relates to both photography and life. I look forward to bringing home the second half of this year with yet even more passion. What have you learned this past year thus far?


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