Going Somewhere Unknown

I’ve started a new project close to home and wanted to share some of the tidbits I’ve experienced thus far. It started with an idea. I wanted to get myself published in the local tourism brochures.  Using that as my starting point, I had to do some research. You’d think that since I’m photographing in my hometown I’d know exactly what to photograph.

As it turns out, Ohio ranks second amongst states with covered bridges still standing. The county in which I reside has nine compared to the 50 it once had. Nine covered bridges is more than some states. It sounded like a good project to photograph all nine of the bridges.

While driving to the first bridge I got to witness the road diminish from two distinguished lanes to one and a half, then from paved to gravel. I visualized the phrase “the road less traveled” as I drove. I always dream about getting a Jeep and off-roading to a special location to photograph and I think this was the equivalent for my Mazda.

Inside a Covered Bridge

Once I had discovered the bridge and pulled over my mind went into overdrive. I had never photographed a covered bridge before and I was in an unknown location without prior scouting. I was disheartened because the scenery wasn’t the most photogenic. I had to remember that these were built for use, not to be beautiful.

I got a shot to be used in the brochure and then I looked for something more. That was when I came up with the above image. The lines from the wood inside the bridge begged me to be used. The other bridges have very similar looks, even the same color red. As easy as it would be snap a three quarters view and be done I want a unique image for each bridge. It’s proving difficult but I’m enjoying the challenge. Check beck for more images.


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