B&W with Silver Efex Pro 2

Let me start with saying I love B&W photography. I probably love it for the wrong reasons though. I’ve recently had the chance to use the program Silver Efex Pro 2 by Nik Software. I must say, I am in love with it and I haven’t even had the chance to master it yet. Prior to using Silver Efex Pro 2 (SEP), I did all my B&W editing in Lightroom. Now I don’t think I’ll use anything except SEP.

One of the first things you’ll want to do before using SEP is prepare the image. Make all the necessary edits you need to. Once that is done the fun begins. I noticed the first few times I opened an image in SEP, I was going through and applying every preset to it to see what snazzy effect it had. The novelty wears off and then the realization of how much control you have sets in.

I’m drawn to creating a specific style and am able to reproduce it frame after fram. A key selling point for me. Sometimes it’s the little things that you appreciate. The control point tool seems universal among Nik Software and is executed very well.  If an image called for it I could see someone using a plethora of points. Layer masking in Photoshop is probably better still especially for hard lines.

Overall I’d recommend the program to anyone who’s interested in B&W. I am still learning all of the intricacies myself and am excited to continue working and learning. Here are some images I’ve made thus far.

Marietta, OH


American Queen


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