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I was hoping to gain some new knowledge about something I might be missing and read the eBook Shoot and Share by Stuart Sipahigil at Craft & Vision. It has excellent information about various outlets you can use to share your images with others. I currently use Facebook, Twitter and this website to share images and I was feeling like there should be more ways to share. That was my original purpose behind reading the eBook. There are some good platforms for sharing and most I’m already familiar with but do not use. For instance I’ve looked into using Flickr before but I’ve heard mixed reviews and am still not sure if I want to. It’s a rights issue I believe

After reading the eBook I felt like I should be doing more. I was ready to create an account somewhere. Before I had the chance to I read somewhere else that most of the action happens on Facebook (I can’t currently find the source). Well from recent polls I read the general public uses Facebook. I think, of the people polled, upwards of over 80% were on Facebook while less than 10% were using other social media. That is a huge difference. It made me feel a lot better about being more focused.

As I mentioned earlier I’m not sure how I feel about Flickr yet. It is one of the most popular online photo sharing services. Also to choose from, we have sites like SmugMug, Photobucket and 500px. Each services has its own drawbacks but all are viable. My problem with creating an account at so many places is that fact that I’m forced to spend time away from my other pre-existing accounts. I don’t want to be forced to thin and have lots of content everywhere. Content that is half-assed because I lack time to make it better.

After all the time I spent reading various blogs and articles, I’m going to continue with what I was originally doing. Part of me feels like it was time wasted because I’m right back to wear I started physically. It was then that I stopped and asked myself, “Why do I even want to share my images?”  I’m not sure I have an exact answer yet but it’s floating somewhere between it feels right and it makes me happy. It’s a vague answer, I know. Hopefully I’ll be able to hammer out a better response in the days to follow.

P.S. Don’t forget you can show your work physically in Business and galleries too. Not everything is online.


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