One Light and Sunlight

I think my favorite way to photograph people is with a single light outside. The possibilities are limitless. Well, maybe not limitless but there is a variety of options available. What is the sun really? A big, bright light source. Essentially then, you’re just using two light sources. Now the sun can be controlled to an extent but we can’t put a color gel or grid over it (practically).  I can easily visualize someone using a diffuser, reflector and flash while in full sun. Maybe not likely but definitely plausible.

I think I like it most when I can work on a cloudy day or in some light shade. I like the fact that the subject will be overall lit but then I can add flash to create the depth I desire. I haven’t been able to pinpoint verbally what draws me towards it but I’m working on that. When I’m able to put it into words, I’ll let you know.

I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing, local Zumba instructor, who happens to be my wife. I know I might be biased but she has a huge following with sold out classes and a wait list, which has to mean something. You can contact her via this link to get more information about her classes.

It was a partially cloudy day and we hit up two locations but for some reason I didn’t like any of the images from the first one. The second place provided us with a variety of back drops and there was more possibilities we didn’t have a chance to explore. Here are some of the images we were happy with.


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