Well the website is back up and running finally. While the site was down, I was very self-conscious of who I was sharing my work with. I had this feeling that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. As if a website claiming I was a photographer was the only evidence to make my case in the professional world. Later, I realized this was absurd. The internet is here to make it easier to communicate with others (with some fun on the side, maybe?).

I’ve spent the last month doing a lot of thinking about how to progress in my life as an artist. In reality, we should all be growing with the work we make. Learning more about ourselves and the world around us with each project we complete. I believe it is time for me to stop over-thinking and start executing.

I have a lot to share but will try to keep it organized over the next few weeks. I’m finding new sources of inspiration that I’m excited about, I’ve learned more about promoting myself, and I’ve even managed to cross artistic mediums with mediocre(ish) success. Anyways, on to some new images.

While I was away, I had to watch my brother depart for his second tour in Afghanistan. We drove down to the base as soon as we knew the departure date. Families hugged their sons, brothers, and dads and said their goodbyes. It wasn’t goodbye though, it was see you soon. It was tough but I had my camera with me and was able to capture some of the many emotions that friends and family had to endure while their loved ones were heading overseas.

I know, as different as we look, people have their own unique way of handling, containing, and expressing feelings. These images portrayed major themes I felt were consistent amongst the many families.


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