Flower Season

Macro photography is in full swing now that it’s summer. Even I, who does not own a macro lens, has been out there taking pictures of colorful flowers.  It’s enjoyable for me to try and take something you find in nature and light it in a way that takes it out of its natural context.  Yes there are flowers all around us, well maybe not for large city-dwellers, so I challenge myself to get someone to “stop and smell the roses” who otherwise wouldn’t.


I make do with what gear I have available, sadly I can’t afford every single thing I want.  So I may not be an amazing macro-photographer with a regular lens but these images reflect my take on it.  For the most part, I’ll see something that has interesting color and shape and work from there composing a background that works around the object.

In these three images I wanted to isolate the subjects, removing them from their background so I exposed for the ambient I wanted first.  Then using a single bare LP160 I lit the subjects (I keep saying subjects because I don’t consider dandelions a flower). Here are the other two shots I was satisfied with.


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