“To Stop Is To Die”

I heard someone say this recently, “to stop is to die,” and immediately thought to myself, well said.  Earlier today I read the Juilliard commencement speech given by John Adams (here). Musing about what these meant to me has really lit a fire under my rear. I am even more excited than usual to create and I love it.

Memorial Day weekend, I will be camping with my family as per tradition. It is always a blast to enjoy nature for me and I always come back energized. This recent surge to create will probably have me sketching while sitting around a campfire or brain storming ideas for new projects.  I’ll also have mother nature at my disposal for more inspiration. I am excited about life right now and hope you are too.

Enjoy your holiday weekend but please take a moment to reflect and thank the soldiers who have served to make our country and the world a better place to live.


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