Business Owners

I’m beginning a new series that I’ve been wanting to start for awhile now and I’m finally getting around to starting it.  I wanted to celebrate small-business owners. To start this series off I had to contact local businesses, mostly people I’ve never met before.  It’s a little intimidating but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it.  I’m planning on taking the photographs at each location hoping to display people in a environment they’re known in. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this series was to meet new people.  So not only do I get to meet new people I get to make images too. I do enjoy doing both greatly.

I just completed a shoot with an amazing cake decorator, Cindy Mallahan.  Her company is called The Village Cakery. She was nice enough to let me visit her kitchen and that is where this image comes from. Her cake is delicious if you get a chance to try some.


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