Grant Proposal

I’m currently in the process of writing a proposal for a grant and am rather enjoying the brainstorming process.  Receiving funding to do a personal project. Sounds awesome right? I mean who wouldn’t want to receive money to do something they love especially if the project isn’t in your budget normally. Now that I’m excited I somehow have to translate that into an excellent proposal that can convince a panel I have an idea that deserves the money. Now to the “nitty gritty.”

The grant requires a single page proposal, which to me is pretty typical. You are required to do an important humanitarian or environmental project.  Now these requirements are well within what I enjoy photographing so I’m getting my hopes up.  I’m finding the hardest part is putting into words the final images that are floating around in my head.  I worry that the language I use won’t explain well enough what I’m trying to say.

I hope to continue writing proposals and be successful a few times but I acknowledge that there is loads of competition and will always be difficult but life wouldn’t be interesting without challenges.


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