Capturing the Moment

When I’m making a portrait of someone, we are both aware that they are posing for the camera. Capturing the moment when their expression is perfect is what we all strive for. Intentionally or unintentionally everything comes together. How does one achieve a perfect pose that makes all the prep work for the image come together.  I don’t know if there is a method that works every time. Every person you photograph will be different and they will respond differently to commands.  I think the it boils down to your social skills and ability to make the person comfortable.

We could go into a philosophical talk about how people act differently when they know they’re being observed but that’s not what I want to focus on. I want to talk about making your subject feel comfortable and their expression becomes natural and not forced. I don’t think simple commands after a short introduction are enough. Don’t get me wrong some people have no problem in front of cameras and are completely relaxed but I don’t find that to be very common.

This image was captured in between stances where he was trying to position himself better and all the while she was focused on me.  I saw some of the dynamic of their relationship from how he was touching her.  To me it said more about them than the other poses they were in.


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