Going Online

Its no joke getting a nice website and blog up and running. I’ve done so much research and still I worry that I’m missing something. All the choices of places to host, content management systems (or whatever else they may be called) and then having to learn how to use them. It can be overwhelming if you’re looking to have a professional, accessible website especially if you’re not very computer literate in the first place. Finally I can say I’m up and running and happy to see you reading this. I’m more than willing to answer questions people ask about what I went through and make some suggestions, if I can help.

Through my process of creating a website I was influenced by different sources. Some of those sources were professionals, already successful that I admire. I didn’t want to copy them I just wanted to have a website that was parallel in professionalism and talent. People like David duChemin, Don Giannatti, Frank Tuttle, and David Hobby have served as inspiration and educators in my journey.

With the help of David duChemin’s book VisionMonger I was able to take the steps necessary for me to create a branding that, I felt, correctly represented myself. I’ll admit I’m not perfect but I’m always willing to listen to criticism to improve. I strongly agree with David’s points about building relationships with clients and I want that to be apart of my brand. His book is excellent for anyone who’s trying to start their photography business and, I think, also is good for photographers who’ve already established themselves but want more ideas for their brand.

After all that research and reading, which I don’t mind, I decided to use wordpress with a Photocrati theme. Photocrati has had amazing customer support thus far and I’m happy with the choice. I’m slowly learning WordPress and I like the results thus far. I decided on FatCow for a host because of a strong recommendation from a friend but I think I will change hosts in the future. Overall, everything has been almost perfectly smooth.

I think it came down to the ability of website being successful resting in the execution both with the camera and on the computer. Poor images with a $5,000 website won’t be attractive just like amazing images on a horrible website won’t. There is a happy medium that can be both, kind on your wallet and professionally present your work. That is what I believe I found for myself and hope others are able to do as well.


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